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Resident Chef at the Vista Farmers Market, Wellness Event                                                        
2016 to Present

The Wellness Event is a monthly event at the Vista Farmers Market. “The oldest farmers market in San Diego County”.  Select in season items from vendors and prepare lovely dishes for passersby to inspire their next meal

Personal Chef
July 2015 to Present

Various Clients – Weekly preparation of breakfast smoothies, daily lunches, healthy afternoon snacks and or dinners.

In Home Cooking Demonstration Parties
2009 to Present

Various Clients/Venus – For cooking demonstration clients, it is always great fun to have a party where everyone learns a bit about the foods they are eating be it a recipe, the cooking methods, the history associated to it or the way to grow it sustainability in their own yards!  Also, one person goes home with a Red Plate

San Diego Botanic Garden, Herb Festival
Yearly From 03/09 to Present

Demonstration Chef - as a former chemist & wandering chef, explain & show the science of your kitchen. 

2009 - Eggs Florentine and Rosemary Potatoes

2010 – Pick A Dilly Gravlax Recipe

2011 – Horseradish in Cold Pressed Roast Beef Sandwiches and Julienned Vegetable Salad with Creamy Horseradish Dressing

2012 - Rose Petal Pesto Pasta

2013 – Waffles with Elderberry Syrup

2014 - Salad topped with Tarragon Salad Dressing

2015 - Summer Savory Herb Mushroom Soufflé Pie

San Diego Botanic Garden, Gala Volunteer Hospitality
Yearly from 
2009 to 2015

Plan, prepare and serve the food for the Volunteers at the Annual Gala Fundraiser for SDBG

San Diego Botanic Garden, Gala Fundraiser Contribution
Yearly from 2011 to 2015

2011, 2012, and 2014 - Auction Item - Authentic mixed Paella spread complete with Sangria, Tapas (Spicy Butter Almonds, Ajillo Mushrooms, and Spinach with Chickpeas), Dinner Salad with Oranges, and Flan prepared for six people

2013 and 2015 Auction Item – Afternoon Tea - Rose Petal Tea, Rose Guava Soup, Mini Dill Soufle Pies, and Lavender White Chocolate Chip Tea Cookies prepared for six people

Weidner's Gardens
Yearly from 2013 to 2015  

Demonstration Chef at Annual Vegetable & Herb Festival, a two day event

- Spring is just around the corner and the flowers and herbs are in         bloom. Come join us to find out how you can use lavender to add flavor to your         dinner and why it helps you sleep better after that meal.  A traditional and gluten free Lavender-Lemon Salmon Risotto will be demonstrated.

Sunday - In this award winning salad, we will use the Native American Three         Sisters beans, corn and pumpkin seeds, to get a large portion of protein.  With          the addition of Incan grain Quinoa (keen-wah), this salad satisfies a hungry     appetite while provided all of the essential amino acid for complete protein.         This dish is vegan and gluten free.

- Have you ever made a salad that was a meal in a bowl and the only thing it needed was a slice of good bread and a glass of wine? Come celebrate a Meal-In-A-Bowl Tuna Salad with Tarragon Dressing, the Herb of 2014

Sunday - The word "chocolate" comes from the Aztec word xocolatl, meaning "bitter water." To pronounce it, the x sounds like an h, ho-co-LAH-tl. As chocolate works on brain chemistry and believing it to be an aphrodisiac, the Aztec king purportedly drank 50 goblets of the bitter drink made of pounded cocoa beans, chiles and water daily. In this recipe, Xocolatl Bars, we will use a secret ingredient to make them extra moist

- Lovely Lavender Lima Bean White Chocolate Chip Bars  - As an herb, lavender has been in documented use for over 2,500 years. In ancient times lavender was used from mummification to perfumes by the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and peoples of Arabia. In the Middle Ages, it was use to clean and disinfect homes.  Now, it has a multitude of uses including adding flavor to an award wining bar.

Alta Vista Gardens, Vista, California
Monthly from 01/09 to 12/12

Demonstration Chef – Classes held on the fourth Saturday of the month with menus such as 

-      Ten Tasty Sourdough Recipes – From sourdough starter to bread to pizza to bread pudding – this class covers the process from start to desert

-      Rose Petal Cooking Class - A Rose by any other name, would it taste as sweet?  The Herb of the Year for 2012 is the Rose.  Come taste how Roses add a wonderful flavor to any meal such as Linguine and Rose Petal Pesto, Rose Petal Tea, and Rose Hip Nut Bread.

-      Chocolate for Dinner – Cacao can be used to flavor everything from mole to cake.  Let’s discover how the once Aztec delicacy that can lead to a state of euphoria and add more flavor to your meals. Zucchini-Cacao Absorption Pasta, Chocolate and Roses Salad, and White Chocolate Orange Cranberry Cookies.

-      Paella, Tapas and Sangria-Paella is a dish traditionally cooked by men over an open fire.  Come hear the history of this dish and the accompanying Tapas and Sangria

-      Creative Gluten Free Crepes - In France, crepes can be served for all meals and every occasion.  A San Diego Native American groat, buckwheat, will be used to make a delicious crepe that will be stuffed with savory or sweet foods. 

San Dieguito Heritage Museum                                                  
09/09 to Present

Lima Bean Cook Off Participant – Award winning recipes: 

Peruvian Blue Potato Salad


Incan Quinoa Lima Bean Salad


Xocolatl Bars


Lovely Lima Bean Lavender White Chocolate Chip Bars


Lemony Lima Bean Poppy Seed Cake


Pick-A-Dilly Meal-In-A-Bowl Salad and Xocolatl Cake


Lima Bean Cookbook – Co-writer/Developer      Yearly since 2011 to Present

Orange County Herb Society                             
Yearly Presentations Since 2009

Host one cooking demonstration per year for this group of women who spread the dynamic uses of herbs put here for eating and medicine

St. Germain’s Bistro Café                                                                          

Culinary consulting for menu – At the request of the owner, menu was reviewed and flavor suggestions made for updated menu

A Rose by any other name, would it taste as sweet?  The Herb of the Year for 2012 was the Rose.  Particpans tasted how Roses added a wonderful flavor to any meal-Linguine and Rose Petal Pesto, Rose Petal Tea, and Rose Hip Nut Bread Recipes: Traditional 

Educations & Licenses


Associate Arts Degree in General Studies  PALOMAR COMMUNITY COLLEGE  San Marcos, California - 09-80 to 06-83

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry - Course Work – SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY San Diego, California - 09-83 to 08-87

Culinary Arts Certificate Program – VISTA ADULT EDUCATION

Vista, California – 1-14 to 4-14


Catering License, San Diego County, 06-16 

Manager Food Handler’s License, County of San Diego, Department of Environmental Health  San Diego, California – 1-20-14 to 1-20-19

Business License, City of Vista


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