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The Yellow Deli

315 E Broadway
VistaCA 92084
(760) 631-1888

 Awhile back, I met a friend her for a cup of tea and conversation.  We sat upstairs at a lovely two top table.  The woman serving us was so kind and gentle.  Since that time, I have joined many of my friends there for lunch or dinner.  Most of the time, it is after a Sunday afternoon class at Yoga Vista.  Other times it has been a late lunch/early dinner after time in the park doing Zentangle and a walk at the Unity Way Church's labyrinth.  Whatever the reason, Yellow Deli is a great casual eatery for a good wholesome meal.  My favorite menu item is the Yellow Submarine.  It is a sandwich made on a vegan roll with a varying vegetable spread and lots of fresh vegetables piled on top.  If you are gluten free, you can ask that the sandwich be made with their homemade gluten free bread which is very tasty.

 They are open from Sunday at 12 pm through Friday at 3 pm.  So, if you need a midnight snack, this is the place to be!


Best Water in Coastal North County San Diego
Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa

2802 Carlsbad Blvd
Carlsbad, CA 92008

A couple of years ago, a friend suggested that I switch from RO, reverse osmosis,  purified water to the alkaline water from Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa.  I was drinking the purified water as I have tested the tap water in San Diego County at past QC Chemistry lab jobs and it is a bit disgusting.  At the time, the alkaline water did not taste that much different from the RO water.  As I began doing research on acid vs. alkaline foods and the health benefits of an alkaline based diet, I changed over my water source.  The only 'problem' with the water is the huge crowd of people it has drawn can make you wait to refill your bottles. Yesterday, a couple drove down from the San Fernando Valley to obtain their monthly supply.  How is that for a testimonial! 


Of course there is another reason that I have it, my animals will not drink tap water anymore.  One of them was a bit under the weather and I gave them some of the alkaline water.  When they were better, I filled the bowl with tap water and she would not drink it.  Filled it with the alkaline water and she could not drink it fast enough.


Like the old saying from a Malt-O-Meal commercial, "Good stuff, Maynard!"


Stella Culinary

For free online the videos, step-by-step instructions, and recipes from a classically trained French chef, check out It is an invaluable well of information


Palumbo's Ristorante

If  you are looking for a good place to have a getaway dinner, try Palumbo's Ristorante in Temecula:

I have been going to Palumbo's Ristorante for the past 3 years.  Every time, the food is wonderful and the service is great.  I take friends there every chance I get and try to spend my birthdays there. The Eggplant Parmesan is made by grilling the eggplant and the topped with a delicious tomato sauce. Many of my friends have come to request that we have dinner at Palumbo's so that we can have a great dinner and glass of wine.  If there is any room left over, split a tiramisu.  I suggest reservations or at least calling ahead.

Open Tuesday-Sunday 11:00-9:00 
41925 5th Street, Suite 102 
Old Town Temecula 92590 


Rada Cutlery Sold by Chef Elizabeth 

I have been helping out Chef Elizabeth in her cooking classes at San Diego Botanic Gardens for about six year or so. A while back, she sent me to the kitchen with some potatoes and a vegetable peeler her husband had given to her for Christmas.   The peeler was about a year or two old.  I was expecting that it would be a little dull with all of the use it had gotten but what a surprise when it peeled those potatoes like it was brand new.  It was very sharp and make the job easy-peasy.  I walked back in the demonstration and told her that her husband really loved her to give her such a fine tool!

A year or two later, she started to carry the peeler and the rest of the cutlery from the manufacture, Rada Mfg. Co. It is located in Waverly, Iowa and has been manufacturing cutlery since 1948. Rada Cutlery has earned the reputation of being remarkable. Our employees live our mission of “providing our customers the best value of kitchen knives for their dollar.” And Rada Cutlery products are 100% American Made – from raw materials through construction. 

I have bought the peeler and the paring knife from Elizabeth and they both work great. Recently, during a Culinary Arts class, the young sous-chef was asked to peel some vegetables with the chef's peeler.  He commented that it did not work that well and the school one was better.  Well, as he is an up and coming competition chef, he really needed a Rada peeler.  I shared mine with and he said it was the sexiest peeler he had ever used and that he thought he would never say that about kitchen cutlery.  I told him to keep the peeler and he put it in with his knife roll.

If you should be fortunate to see Elizabeth in her classes or at the farmer's markets, you might consider purchasing the peeler.  It is sold separately and in a three piece set with a regular paring knife and tomato slicer.

Rada Cutlery Sold by Chef Elizabeth,, in person at her cooking classes or at

Rancho Bernardo Farmers Market held at the Bernardo Winery
13330 Paseo Del Verano Norte
San Diego, CA 92128
(760) 500-1709
From 9 to 12 every Friday 
JR Organics
Three years, I joined a Community Supported Agriculture farm in Escondido, California.  For more information on how you can obtain a box of farm-fresh vegetables in the San Diego area, go to
Key Creek Lavender Farm

Have you ever wanted to use Lavender to flavor your dishes but not sure where to get it?  You can grow your own Sweet Lavender or go to of Valley Center, California. The new owner, Alicia Wolff, has plants for your own ediible landscape and a high quality culinary Lavender as well.  It is the only Organic Certified Lavender Farm in San Diego.
 Pearson’s Gardens
If you are looking for a local supply of flowers and herbs, there is Pearson's Garden, Beverly Dr. Vista, CA 92084.  A wonderful selection of edible flowers and herbs to add to your garden. Although they are not certified organic, they do not use pesticides on their plants.
The Ultimate Kitchen Tool, my Microplane grater/zester, you can get the basic black version at Bed, Bath and Beyond in the Beyond Section, or visit the manufacture's website and procure one that matches your style,
Tea Infuser


A few years ago, a coworker brewed the perfect cup of loose leaf tea using an ingenuiTEA Tea Infuser by Adagio.  As the tea or herbal tisanes are allowed to sit in the hot water, less material is required because of surface to water ratio.  After about three to five minutes, place the infuser over a large cup and the check valve on the bottom allows the freshly brewed tea to flow into your cup with no leaves.  It is wonderful for brewing a soothing cup of Lavender Tisane before bed or Rose Petal Tisane for breakfast.  This product is made of plastic and if this is a concern, there is Adagio Teas Glass Mug and Infuser.   Both products can be found