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Young Living Oil


My Young Living Story

One early morning, in February of 2016, I was sitting in chair and bent over to put Tazz on the floor after feeding him.  I felt a pop in my right hip followed by excruciation pain.  As both of my hips have been replaced, I feared that it has dislocated.  I sent a note to work and then reached out on Facebook to find a ride to the doctor's office when it opened.  As the morning progressed, I heard back from Sharon Eblen Thunder.  It just so happens that her husband is in the same office as my orthopedic doctor who had done the surgeries all those years ago.  She asked me to come over after the appointment for an introduction to Young Living Essential Oils.  Now, I have been using essential oils ever since I went through menopause fifteen years ago.  She had me use Panaway and sent me home with some of it.  She knows all about my medical condition as we have been friends since junior high school but lost touch with each other after graduating high school.  The universe has put in us back together again about four years ago. 

I came home and rested for the remainder of the day and used Panaway before going to sleep.  The next morning, when I woke up, the pain was gone!  I was hooked.  I became associated with YL shortly after that and have promoted it to coworkers and clients ever since.  Now, it is time for me to really bring this into all parts of my business and have more formal training. 

In my classes, I want to teach that Using Young Living Essential Oils to better the health of all who attend is part of self sustainability. Be the classes offered through Young Living Essential Oils, Cookin' With Klibs, The Dancing Raven Ranch & Retreat Center, The Wander-Full Labyrinth Walkers, or Color Me Joyful.

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