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Book one of three classes

Kids Cooking Class - Story Time Cooking

Your child will witness their favorite storybook characters come alive with Chef Mary

As far as classic children’s stories are concerned, nothing quite exemplifies the importance of helping out a friend in order to enjoy a delicious bounty like "The Little Red Hen Makes Bread", and now kids can learn the importance of sharing while also having fun! Chef Mary eagerly embraces the opportunity to pass on her love for cuisine with the next generation, and your child will be able to experience the feeling of satisfaction that comes with enjoying a meal that they have prepared themselves.

"Stone Soup" sets the stage for the first experience of the day; a full-bodied minestrone soup made in a pressure cooker with fresh vegetables and delicious broth. Your child continues with preparing mouthwatering sourdough bread with The Little Red Hen leading the way.

Kids need to be accompanied by an adult for this class; adults required to purchase tickets in addition to kids.

Cooking Class - Native American Barbecue

Discover the rich history and delightful flavor of a storied culinary art.

Barbeque, or the process with which we are familiar with today, has its roots via the Taino Indians that were indigenous to Florida and the Caribbean. The technique was later employed by the Spanish in the 1500’s and came to the United States in the mid-1800’s. In a fun and inviting class, Chef Mary not only instructs you in how to prepare each dish that comprises her diverse and succulent menu, but shares with you the distinct culinary origins of the food you are creating.

Begin your experience by learning to prepare a smoky and robust cedar plank salmon, followed by creating a spicy and savory cactus pad salad. The class concludes with a fluffy pumpkin sage focaccia.

Guests are welcome to bring wine and beer to enjoy during the class.

Bread Making Class - Tasty Sourdough Recipes

Savor the variety of delectable dishes possible with this distinct bread!

If you have ever been curious about the process behind making some of your favorite sourdough-based foods, prepare for an exciting and immersive learning experience with Chef Mary D. She not only expertly guides you through each step of preparation, she encourages an environment of creativity and discovery in an atmosphere that is welcoming and free from intimidation. In this class you will have the opportunity to create two types of scrumptious artisan bread.

Choose two items from a menu that includes mouthwatering Dutch oven, zesty Italian bread salad, tantalizing sun-dried tomato pizza, blissful pretzels, and tempting cinnabuns. Bring your newly-acquired skills into your very own home to treat family and friends on every occasion.

Guests are welcome to bring wine and beer to enjoy during the class.